1- Our long experience in the holiday rental sector mixed with an innovative team

Mixing years of experience with the freshness of our team made up of people of all ages, we offer the best service and the best innovation to both our owners and our guests with the aim of obtaining the best possible experience.


2- Cost effectiveness

Our average reservation is 8-9 days and we have a significant percentage of international reserves in the middle and low season. With an average of 9.1 in the holiday portals we obtain loyalty, innovation, design, personalized attention and therefore more reservations.


3- We take care of everything

We take care of your property with care, even when not being rented.

We serve the client, receive the payment and confirm the reservation. We have a multilingual team specialized in reservations and customer service at your service. On the day of your arrival we realize:

  • Check-in & Check-out of our guests
  • Cleanings
  • Housing maintenance
  • Resolution of possible incidents during the client’s stay.
  • Review of your home (at the exit of each client)
  • Cleaning and review of your home (Seasonal closure)


4- International visibility

Web page in 6 languages with a global presence. Clients faithful to Mediterranean Way throughout the world.


5- Trust

Our work based on trust and personalized service for each owner so that in Mediterranean Way you feel at home. Our accommodations are all registered as holiday accommodation with a number provided by the Generalitat of Catalonia.


6- Exclusivity = more reservations

Being part of our team is working exclusively. This will avoid that due to multiple efforts between different agencies, there are duplication reservations problems. When managing only from our centralized platform, the reservations are automatic and organized, being able to check the reserves of your home at all times and ensuring a well done integral work.


7- Transparency

Mediterranean Way is committed to total transparency. From our website, you can follow the occupation and reservations of your property. In case of incidents, a Mediterranean Way consultant will contact you, to discuss this situation and its possible solution. Mediterranean Way regularly informs its owners about the news that may be relevant to bring them to their attention. Thus, you will always be up to date.


8- Advice

Mediterranean Way believes in the quality of its apartments that is why we offer each owner personalized advice to ensure a quality service.


Our services:

  • Interior design
  • Thorough review of your home
  • Advice on your vacation rental
  • Buy cheap and quality furniture
  • Professional photography


  • Better image = more reservations
  • Better customer experience = better relevance on the web
  • Better customer comments = more profitability

If you meet them, you will gain new customers who will also repeat. See more at: https://mediterraneanway.es/interior-design/


9- Flexibility

Mediterranean Way provides the owner with the flexibility of letting their property for the period they want. It also offers you the possibility to reserve days / weeks for your personal enjoyment. With total confidence Mediterranean Way adapts to the needs of the owner to offer the best service and personalized service.


10- Selection of clients

Mediterranean Way has as main objective the satisfaction of our customers. For this we personally attend the requests of each of them, providing them with the accommodation that best suits their needs.

We are specialized in family tourism. Both on our website and in the different marketing channels, we look for the family client profile, which is why we do not accept reservations from groups of young people. Due to the quality and location of the accommodations we manage, we are oriented towards the family client, being a careful and respectful client with the homes he occupies.